Grasmere Gate

Grasmere Gate

Living in a caravan near the New DG.  Angelika tidying the space ship, I take sandwiches and gherkins and walk over the Silver Howe and down into Grasmere.  Autumn glows through the gloom and the railings of a garden gate, through one way is a glorious purple and orange sumac, through the other way is a staircase ascending to a private residence.  I chose to stand back across the road and ignore the temptations of the garden.

I like gates, there is the potential of what is beyond, but the reminder that you are an outsider.

The paints were getting old for the original painting, I started one, then scrubbed it out and began again.  Quite a useful method as the excess orange oil is taken out and the outline and guides for the next layer are already there, no need for a dormant colour.

Used medium number 2 for glazing.  Edged in prussian blue and red oxide I think.  Wanted to create an old photograph appearance with image coming out of the darkness.

Oil on ply.


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