My new studio

My beautiful new studio, thanks to the two people amazingly full of love and energy Jane and Andy.

No toilet, elecricity or water, a narrow road with more acute angles than a triangle and gradient of about 1 in 2, a one hour journey on a cold day, and dark after 2pm.  Absolutely fantastic I love it so much, its so quiet, the first place I feel I can get on with things.  If only i was living closer I could make so many wonderful things.  Need to get more parrafin lamps.  There are two hooks in the rafters, the incredible hardware shop in Coniston has dog leads for £2.50, if I hang one end to the rafter, there is a little sort of clip at the botton just right for a storm lantern.  Then the lamp black collects on the top the lantern which can be tapped out onto a sheet of glass, then with the addition of a little gum tragacanth and wine I can make black pastel.  Gum tragacanth isn’t cheap or easy to get hold of though.  I have a small packet of pharmaceutical grade gum for about £10 per 200g.  There must be a cheaper source.

When I moved in there were lots of sheets of glass, some old windows and an antique tobogan.  The view through the window goes onto Andy’s Barn, which we are hoping to do something exciting with, which I won’t tell you about just yet.  Also there are two other residents, red amdirals.  I try to keep them safe but they always want to crawl to the most dangerous places.  They won’t survive the winter, but are a wonderful illustration of life after death.

When I have the chance I’ll carve a little face to protect the studio, in the meantime one of Chris’ birds is keeping it safe for me.

Coniston is wonderful, there are lots of hidden pathways and alternative routes.  There is a dissused railway that has a sign saying it is not for the public.  The hardware shop is what supermarkets should look like – absolute chaos.  There are all kinds of things going on, and friends everywhere.   There are going to be amazing things happening in Coniston.  The only thing that disturbed me was looking out the cafe window and seeing a sign to “Campbell’s grave.”


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