Bowness chinese restaurant

I didn’t want the red car in the painting, but there is always a car, I think if I just see it as reflections of different coloured lights it makes it easier to paint.

Perspective is a funny thing.  Lines of buildings curve towards and away from you.  Everything is curved, unless you have flat, massive eyes.  Or if it’s far away.
I met a very nice chap who works in the cafe, also called Stephen and who went to Salford Tech.  He gave me two cups of lovely black scummy coffee, that really helped me stay longer and do a better painting I think.  There is something Liam Spencer about it, but I do not paint from photographs and avoid tube oil paints.
I had no orange oil to thin the paint so I used stiff brushes to rub the paint into the board for the lean layer.  I didn’t paint the sky until the second lean layer on the rest of the scene, then went straight into thick paint just as the sky was a deep and bright blue, there is ultramarine, prussian blue, cadmium orange and magenta, contrary to what I said before, the magenta is a tube oil paint, because its just too darn expensive to buy as a permanent pigment.  This makes it much weaker than the other paints, but its an incredibly useful colour in small quantities.   Must investigate this colour further and find somewhere the 90 odd pounds for a kilo of pigment.


Oil on ply roughly 30cm by 18cm



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