Lucy’s on a plate

Not a good quality photo, so I apologise.

After spending the 30 hours of rain making enough paint to last the winter, improved through careful experimentation and measuring I had to try them out, unfortunately the dramatic sky I foolishly attempted didn’t last after the sun went behind the hills.  I trapsed around Ambleside and came across a scene I hadn’t expected to find myself painting, a restaurant glowing into the cold night.

Its not easy painting in the dark, it just requires a good memory of where the paints are on the palette and what proportions are needed.  When I could see the painting I realised how patchy it was and considered copying it onto a larger canvas and returning, but perseveered with a wax glaze.  It didn’t turn out too bad.  I hope Lucy likes it.


One thought on “Lucy’s on a plate

  1. Hi Stephen – we are the couple who were in the window table in Lucys last Sunday, and then spoke to you outside where you were painting.The finished painting is very good ! What size is it please? and is it for sale? Assuming Lucy hasnt snapped it up!?

    With Best Regards, Brian andGillian

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