A coincidence

Recently people have been giving me names of artists whose work bears similarities with mine.  I’ve probably been subconsciously influenced but don’t remember taking especial interest in these artists’ work.  The first artist that was mentioned was Charlie Shiels, who used to work in Stockport, I’ve been working on this painting under the Cervantes’ Institute on Deansgate for the last month or so, in Dimitri’s restaurant are paintings by Charlie Shiels all over the place, but though things in my paitings might be curvy they aren’t distorted or skewed like Shiels.  One other artist is Reg Gardner, yesterday I was looking at his work on the Collect Art website, and came across this painting done looking at the exact same door.   Looking at the angle of the ceiling I’d guess he’s quite a bit taller than me, but then looking at the bollard and the angle of the floor, maybe he sat down to work at the bottom of the painting, or added it in for completeness.  I was standing further forward and a bit to the right, but its funny to see how a building changes and lives and grows.  There is a chair leaning against the same bit of wall, all that’s changed is that the one today is plastic.


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