Mancunia: an exhibition of paintings by Stephen Maxwell Campbell.

If you are in the Oxford Road area of Manchester, or looking to fill some blank wall space, don’t miss the latest exhibition from Manchester artist Stephen Maxwell Campbell at Sandbar on Grosvenor Street. Mancunia features stunning views of the city from a challenging perspective. The paintings use the artist’s peripheral vision to create wide angle views without the use of a camera, or some might say ‘paintings of bendy lamp posts’.
Taking his easel and home-made oil paints out to wherever he is painting Stephen has become a regular scruffy feature of the city and creates a genuine sense of place in his work. The last two years have seen a great leap in this young artist’s reputation. From experimenting in a make shift studio in a cow shed in the Lakes, to working with Damien Hirst in Gloucestershire, selling work in Bath, London, and Coniston, press coverage around the world and finally getting a proper studio in the city he loves. The determination of this young artist will overcome all boundaries.
As any scene of Manchester would, the paintings have echoes of past Mancunian artists, William Turner, Liam Spencer and Adolphe Valette, but these scenes use a palette and technique that is completely individual. The rich vibrant colours make each canvas glow in a way that shows an in-depth understanding of the medium which few living artists possess.
Mancunia: an exhibition of paintings by Stephen Maxwell Campbell opens at Sandbar, Grosvenor Street M1 7HL on Wednesday 25th April and will run until the end of June.


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