The dutton hotel


Fog clearing into a beautiful morning looking towards the men arena on the right and chetham hill on the left. Its a great building but im not overly surprised its being demolished, if they’d put a big sign on the wall it would be seen for miles, across where the boddingtons brewery was.


5 thoughts on “The dutton hotel

    • Only because someone told me while i was painting that it was due for demolition. More details hmm, its a hydes pub on dutton street just off the ring road. The painting is 12 by 16 inches. Ill take it down to clark art soon.

      • Thanks for that Stephen. Its a rare traditional Victorian corner pub in that area and indeed Manchester. Be a real shame to lose it. Great to see an artists capturing Manchester and in such a relaxed, calm style. They certainly challenge the notion that we don’t live in a beautiful city. Fantastic work, Stephen.

  1. My mate was in the Kings in Salford, Tuesday and was told by someone it was to reopen. Fabulous painting by the way!

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