Win a commissioned painting

Win a commissioned painting

Smooth Radio 100.4 fm and Clark Art of Hale are having a competition and the prize is one of my paintings!

wpid-20130308_175456.jpgIsn’t that nice?

All you have to do is tell Smooth radio what is your favourite part of the north west and why you want a painting of it.  If you click on the link it should take you to a page on the smooth radio website where you can fill in a form and be in for a chance of winning.

I always like hearing about peoples connections to a specific place and when I’m out painting people are always suggesting where I should go next, which is how I choose most of my locations.  So I’m looking forward to reading the results.  I like the shell oil refinery but I was surrounded by police when I went to paint it, so don’t pick that one.

If you aren’t familiar with my paintings take a trip to Hale and go to Clark Art on Ashley road, or look at  I make my own paints and paint directly from life or from sketches.  I use my own interpretation of perspective which is a bit like a CCTV camera or the back of a spoon.

Good luck.


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