The Formidable Northern Woman









Portraits of women as confident individuals, sometimes a little intimidating, as opposed to passive lumps of flesh or conventional beauties.

The paintings are done in layers of different types of tempera which were scraped down while the paint was still soft then painted in oils and finally in resin glazes.

I found the problem I have with portraits is that they don’t naturally meet all the elements I find necessary in a composition which are balance, assymetry and repetition.  The former two come naturally, but the latter introduces rythmn which is lacking, so I introduced this subtly in lifting or adding layers of glaze or paint with whatever I had in the studio that creates a repeating pattern.


2 thoughts on “The Formidable Northern Woman

  1. These are beautiful and powerful portraits. I love the pushed perspective and I love, love the footwear. Thanks for sharing your technique and the thought behind it.

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