Pascal’s Triangle

pascal diamond

Here you go, something a little different.

Maybe I’ll say something about it.

You know Pascal’s triangle surely

1 1
1 2 1
1 3 3 1
1 4 6 4 1
1 5 10 10 5 1

Made by adding the two numbers above.  One of its qualities is that if you draw around the even numbers you start getting a sort of fractal pattern.  I was wondering if instead of numbers you just use +1 and -1 and multiply them it would come out differently.  It doesn’t you get the same pattern.  Which of course isn’t surprising, but it involves less arithmetic and all the integers are the same size visually.  If you imagine a triangle is cut out of something so the negative is a triangular hole and the positive is whatever the thing you are cutting is.


Ok it doesn’t look very exciting like that, but its been buzzing round my head so I thought I’d do a painting.  I like it, I don’t care if you don’t.


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