Even more fun with prime numbers

So I’ve been learning to code, don’t expect much I haven’t been doing it long.

But I’ve made this fun little web page:

Prime number seive

You click seive and it goes through 4999 numbers, and gives each a colour, blah blah, if you look at my other prime number painting posts you get the idea.

Just click seive and watch.  Then click sweep and it goes through them all again turning them back to normal, then click seive again and you get some new colours.

The patterns change depending on the size of your browser, how far zoomed in you are, and the starting colours and increments are chosen kind of at random. Well they don’t change completely, because they are determined by prime numbers and its a square grid and all the squares are the same shape, but they change.

I’m still making improvements so hang in there.

I like looking at it.Screenshot_2019-02-06 Eratosthenes(1)

I’ve also made this:


where you type your name in and it gives you a three part insult, or a compliment, have a go.

They are mostly from literature, but I made some up.  Its worth a laugh

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