Stephen Maxwell Campbell

email me at

tel. 07742920083

Or post

Stephen M Campbell

Unit 1A

10 Richmond Road

Trafford Park

M17 1RE

If you come and visit I don’t have a doorbell so call my mobile.

3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hello Stephen, I have only just come across your work which I find very interesting. Do you only sell through galleries or exhibitions and if so where may I see your work at present. I notice on your gallery that some work is marked sold so does that mean you sell direct?
    Robert Dulson

  2. Hi Stephen. I’m a big fan 🙂

    I recently produced this short story with a Manchester based artist, Chris Cyprus:

    A video helps promote artists and their work like nothing else because it helps people understand the personal story behind the canvas and appreciate the art more. You aren’t just selling a pretty picture your selling who you are and what motivates you to paint.

    Having a video that tastefully represents your talents and your personality is a worthwhile investment that you can use again & again to your advantage through social media methods and as a great introduction to your website. It’s also good fun!

    Is this something you may be interested in to raise your profile online?

    My number is 07719348136 and my website, has a lot of information about what I’ve done for small to medium size businesses.

    Kind Regards
    Alex Miller

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