Hello, my name is Stephen Maxwell Campbell.

I study the world around me.

I paint from observation.

I make my own paints.

go to www.clark-art.co.uk to see my paintings

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Stephen,
    I saw you painting Monroes and I asked you to go to Ancoats Dispensary vigil and paint it. I was pleased when I heard you did but it has been quite a while before I discovered your painting on the website. Thanks so much. It is lovely ..the angle -the street bricks and sleepers – and the gothic windows behind the scaffolding. I wonder if I got it put onto a post card ,with our website and yours could we sell it to raise money for the structural engineers survey.? Do you work from home. Why do you make own paints.? Is it cheaper. We are having art ex and social. Perhaps you can come to both and display the original . Has nick been in touch. Best wishes Jill

  2. Hi Stephen
    I eventually found my way to ClarkArt gallery and the chance to see this great exhibition. I especially like st James building painting which is on the back cover of the Northern Art catalogue Past and Present. Lovely weather for painting (and running) today.

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